Friday, January 25, 2013

Big News for the Bennett's!

"The Thinker" at 11 weeks 4 days
This has to be a recent record- two blog posts in one day!  I guess that happens when one is holed up at home with a nasty bug.  I have managed to get caught up on a few things too.  Needless to say, I have neglected several things- including this blog- for the last few months due to absolute exhaustion.  Although many of you now know, Sam and I found out in November that we are expecting Baby Bennett!

We discovered our big news on November 14, 2012- Sam's 33rd birthday!  Although I knew since early that morning, I wanted to surprise Sam later that evening.  I treated him to a Chinese dinner (which is not one of my favorite things), watched him drink a beer or two, and then went home to open gifts.  Sam was showered with the usual kitchen gadgets and was highly involved in a project involving a meat grinder attachment and the Kitchen Aid Mixer when I fetched him a dark, frothy beer in a brand new pint glass.  Sam collects pint glasses, but he didn't think to look what was engraved on this one. To give him credit, it wasn't that obvious due to the dark beer in the glass.  I stood in the kitchen doorway sweating, my stomach doing jumping-jacks, wondering when he would notice the life-changing message etched on the glass. Well, he didn't.  After several minutes, I nervously stammered, "So you didn't really look at your last birthday gift."  I pointed to the glass as he was casually taking a swig. The glass read "Daddy's Sippy Cup".  He read it, paused, and then asked "Are you pregnant?!"  A minute later a sheepish grin crept across his face.

I am currently 14 weeks and according to all my fancy apps, I have a baby the size of a peach nesting and growing inside me. Ever since that day we have been adjusting to this new idea of becoming parents, learning the ins and outs, and preparing for who knows what.  We are definitely being schooled in the "world of baby"  including dizzying choices of car seat/carriers, cloth vs. disposable, copious amounts of prenatal vitamins, being permanently congested, the reality of limited maternity leave, and adjusting to the overnight growth (literally) of baby bumps.

This will be an interesting ride!  We are excited, but obviously nervous as well.  It is fun to celebrate with family and friends, as this is the first grandchild on both the McDonald and Bennett sides and we have several friends who are also expecting.

Please wish us luck in this next adventure. We take tips.

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  1. Enjoyed reading how you "told" Sam the news. It's so exciting to begin this next chapter of your lives. Children are blessings and you will make a great mom.